‘come undone’ and ‘big, if true’ are two standout new tracks from maxime.’s long-awaited new LP

the life and death of a dog is the artist's first full length album since 2020

the life and death of a dog is the artist’s first full length album since 2020

After what feels like a lifetime of teases and snippets, lauded Montreal artist maxime. has finally released his long-awaited new album the life and death of a dog, his first since 2020, and one that continues to showcase his enduring and distinctive appeal as a bedroom pop artist and producer.

Two tracks that stand out on the album are ‘come undone’ and ‘big, if true’, the former being a dynamic and almost indie rock-edged track that showcases a more fuzzy and jagged side to the artist’s left-field sound. There is a bit of what feels like Oliver Tree-esque writing here, with the guitars and style having quite a 90s alternative rock feel to it, broadening the horizons of maxime.’s already endlessly creative style.

The unique quirks and more slick, laid-back charm of ‘big, if true’ make for an engrossing and charming listening experience that will have your head or your feet moving before you’ve even realised. The artist’s ability to craft sounds that feel both moving and melodic while having this completely unique aura and tone is second to none, and this track continues to highlight his devastatingly catchy appeal while having this instantly appealing, adventurous charm that feels intoxicating.