‘honey, i’m home’ is a new showcase of maxime. and his distinctive alt-pop appeal

The track is the latest single from the artist's highly-awaited upcoming third album

The track is the latest single from the artist’s highly-awaited upcoming third album

The expansive and creative nature of maxime. and his sound is something that we’ve made a little (see: big) fuss about on this website, finding ourselves enamoured with his distinctive style and the personality and charisma that it comes with and eagerly awaiting whatever new things that Montreal artist has in store.

Latest single ‘honey, i’m home’ is a track that has a bit more of a moody and atmospheric tone some of his more energetic works, but is still packed full of the nuance and charm that characterises his sound and makes it feel so dynamic and one of a kind. The artist’s self-produced and written, bedroom pop aesthetic means that everything he releases feels like it literally couldn’t have been made by anybody else, but it is the way that all of his tracks stand out from each other that makes them feel truly remarkable.