‘Sane’ is an immersive and anthemic new release from May Payne

The track comes with the release of the artist's debut EP of the same name.

The track comes with the release of the artist’s debut EP of the same name.

May Payne’s sound and it’s thoughtful, poignant charm has earned the artist tonnes of acclaim over her recent releases, with her smooth, soft sound capable of rousing a range of emotions from listeners while weaving, intricate, captivating narratives and feel both personal and universally relatable on the most part.

The latest release from the artist is ‘Sane’, title track from May’s upcoming debut EP and the latest showcase of the showstopping power of her sound. The track has an anthemic feel to it in its sheer sense of catharsis and emotion, with the artist’s honest approach to writing and wearing her heart on her sleeve making for some powerful and alluring moments. Themes of co-dependency and feeling disregarded are explored on the track, with the artist relying on the attention and affirmation of someone who’s hot and cold relationship with her led her to seeking these things to keep her feeling normal and balanced, making for a cautionary but relatable message that many will resonate with.