‘Goodbye’ is the latest nuanced and incredible new release from Toronto-based Maya Malkin

The track is from the artist's long-awaited debut LP Congratulations. 

The track is from the artist’s long-awaited debut LP Congratulations.

CLOUT’s favourite pop artist Maya Malkin‘s quirky alternative pop sound is instantly recognisable thanks to her lush vocals and fun soundscapes, and on her new single ‘Goodbye’, the artist’s personality and charm spill out from the second that the opening notes hit.

The track is just the latest in a long line of reasons why the artist should be so much more revered and well-known than she already is. From the nuance of her lyrics, to the ever-engaging soundscapes and changes in dynamics, to the effortless charisma that exudes from her vocals. The way that her bubblegum pop sound hides this sense of impending darkness and  gravity within it feels as layered and nuanced as anything you’re likely to hear soon, like the sunny exterior and fun soundscapes are a mask that hides the reality that lies beneath. Maya Malkin is one of the most interesting and talented artists in modern pop, and hopefully this track and her new debut album Congratulations will see her ascend to new, loftier heights.