‘You’re In My Thoughts’ is a creative and experimental new release from alternative outfit Mean Sea

The track is the latest single from the band's excellent EP Trust Us We Know.

The track is the latest single from the band’s excellent EP Trust Us We Know.

With the release of their latest EP Trust Us We Know, Mean Sea have brought together a collection of tracks that showcase the nuance and drive of their sound that sets them apart from other bands in and around the pop punk and alternative rock worlds.

Their latest single is ‘You’re In My Thoughts’, an experimental and different release that serves as something of a change of pace for the outfit. The track has a more post-punk kind of feel to it at times, with spoken word alternating with more melodic choruses, making for a really thoughtful and interesting feel that delves into some of the deeper thoughts and frustrations of frontman Michael Strackbein. This gives the track a unique kind of distinctive appeal, before diving headfirst into an explosive sense of catharsis and outburst of energy in typical Mean Sea fashion. The track continues to showcase a band that are doing things their own way and reaping the rewards for it, highlighting a sound and style that feels entirely their own.