‘H.O.M.B.’ is a sultry and fierce new release from exciting emerging star Mia Delamar

The track is from the rising R&B artist's engrossing new EP of the same name.

The track is from the rising R&B artist’s engrossing new EP of the same name.

Evoking the spirit and feel of R&B at its peak, Mia Delamar is an artist who is taking all of the fierceness and exciting flair of the genre and bringing it into 2023 with her stellar new EP H.O.M.B.

The title track from the EP is one that encapsulates the artist’s charm and appeal, with a similarly stunning music video that encapsulates her appeal and versatility through a striking performance and captivating dancing. Everything about the track from the slickness of the beats to the dynamism and power of Mia’s vocal performance feels engrossing throughout. Empowering, sultry, and packed full of personality and poise, ‘H.O.M.B’ is a statement single from an artist looking to make a name for herself in the most emphatic fashion.

Mia explains: “I want listeners to feel empowered and in love. This project is going to represent the end of the summer, it’s really going to bring in those last couple of days we have left to just soak it all in and have fun. It’s edgy, it’s poppy; something lighthearted but soulful at the same time. “H.O.M.B.” embraces the whole scope of my sound and artistry, as well as the roots that I stay true to. I want this EP to say ‘I’m someone to look out for.’”