We had a look at some standout tracks from excellent new Modern Diet LP The State of Things

The Brooklyn-based outfit have released their most succinct and complete body of work to date.

The Brooklyn-based outfit have released their most succinct and complete body of work to date.

With a few tracks already released by Brooklyn-based indie rock band Modern Diet’s debut album The State of Things, there was a decent amount of hype and expectation surrounding the release, with the encouraging sounds that preceded it hinting that something special could be on the horizon. Following the album’s release on July 7th, we’ve picked out a few of the tracks that we really liked from the LP that you won’t have already heard.

The titular ‘The State of Things’ is the second track on the album, continuing to set the tone in its formative stages with lush, melodic guitars and Jake Cheriff’s soft, yet powerful vocals and lyrics about growing up and coming of age. There is an affable charm and relatable likeability that permeates the record and its tracks, and this does a really great job of encapsulating that feeling.

The next track is ‘Pretending’, a track that features a more jagged and unpredictable edge but still has this lush sense of melodicism at its core. The track is more ambitious in scope than its predecessor, with Jake showing off more of his impressive vocal range and the track occasionally taking unpredictable stylistic left turns, making for a sound that feels both accessible yet wildly exciting.

Towards the end of the album we find ‘The Sink’, a more sombre and sobering release that serves as the albums apex in terms of gravity and emotional resonance, alongside album closer ’25’. The more stripped back sound and the vulnerability around lyrics about not fitting in and feeling weird are bound to resonate with a lot of people who hear it, and it provides a really nice moment of intimacy and earnest honesty between the outfit and their audience.