‘Still Tryin” is a deeply personal and authentic new single from Mol Sullivan

The rousing new track is from the rising artist's upcoming debut LP GOOSE.

The rousing new track is from the rising artist’s upcoming debut LP GOOSE.

On one of the more authentic and raw breakup tracks that you’re likely to hear anytime soon, ‘Still Tryin” is a vulnerable and alluring new release from Mol Sullivan that sees the artist processing and grieving a relationship falling apart and eventually getting sober in the aftermath.

The track has a really real and genuine quality to it that makes it feel almost conversational, like a blunt and honest conversation with a broken friend who is trying to come to terms with such a situation. The earnest appeal of the sound and the deeply personal nature of it makes for a track that will resonate with and hit close to home with a lot of listeners, with Mol’s latest release being a tale of pain, resilience and strength.