‘StuckintheMiddle’ is a frustrated new release from alternative rock standouts MONOWHALES

The track may just be the outfit's most intensely catchy release to date.

The track may just be the outfit’s most intensely catchy release to date.

Canadian alternative rock outfit MONOWHALES¬†are an outfit that seem to be growing more assured and emphatic with each and every release, and latest single ‘StuckintheMiddle’ has all of the potential to be one of their most memorable to date.

The track possesses a boundless sense of energy and attitude, and a huge chorus that feels as impactful as it is melodic. There is a real sense of anger and frustration that pulses throughout, especially within Sally Shaar’s explosive vocal delivery. Authenticity and urgency are something that MONOWHALES are increasingly growing recognised for within their sound, and their often vulnerable lyrics and cathartic soundscapes do a really stellar job of providing a heart and soul to the intensity.