‘flames’ is a heartfelt and compelling portrait of a crumbling relationship from myah

The track is the rising artist's seventh single of 2024

The track is the rising artist’s seventh single of 2024

A clich√© in modern relationships is often that the one person is more clingy and attentive while the other have a more avoidant attachment style, distancing themselves and leaving the other with doubts about both themselves and the relationship and wondering what they can do to be more and wondering if they’re worthy of love.

This is something that is explored in latest myah single ‘flames’, a heartfelt and absorbing track that sees somebody eventually being consumed by the kind of darkness that these thoughts create and having to end the relationship as a result. The stirring nature of the artist’s vocals and her thoughtful lyrics paint a really vivid image of the kind of hardship and struggle caused by the situation, making for a compelling alt-pop track that many listeners to will resonate with and find themselves relating to the situation.