‘How High’ is a lush, feelgood anthem from Scottish singer-songwriter Natalie Clark

The track is the artist's first release since 2021 EP One By One. 

The track is the artist’s first release since 2021 EP One By One.

Thanks to her effortless sense of personality and charm, Scottish singer-songwriter Natalie Clark is an artist who has been winning over admirers over the last decade or so with her lush indie pop sounds and immersive vocals.

The latest track to highlight the artist’s unique appeal is new single ‘How High’, a track with one of the most rousing and wonderfully feel-good senses of charm that you’re likely to hear anytime soon. The track serves as something as an anthem for self-discovery, letting go of your inhibitions and deciding to fully grasp for your potential, with its carefree sound and winning sense of happiness amplifying this message. Everything about this track just radiates good vibes, and feels sure to change the trajectory of your day for the better.