‘Wifey’ is NATWEAVES finding bliss in being solo

The track follows her earlier 2020 single 'Worth It'...

The track follows her earlier 2020 single ‘Worth It’…

Model and singer-songwriter NATWEAVES drops her catchy af new single ‘Wifey’. The track is her second to be released this year following her debut ‘Worth It’.

Not wanting to restrict herself to one career path, the Los Angeles-born San Francisco-bred artist has an admirable DIY ethos, building her own studio in her basement where she began writing, producing and recording her own music in 2016. Refining her sound in the time since, ‘Wifey’ is a confident place to start.

Smooth and understated vocals weave the track forth alongside catchy garage beats and slick production. It’s a succinct marriage of 90s dance and R&B, one that is majorly catchy and immediately engaging. Free and fun in spite of the current situation, NATWEAVES is determined to keep in good spirits.

“In times like this to be able to create and provide a small glimmer of normalcy to my peers during an incredibly tough time is my motivation”, she shares.

‘Wifey’ is available now.