‘OFF MY MIND’ is a thoughtful new R&B release from Miami artist Nia Ray

The track is her first release since 2021's 'Independent'. 

The track is her first release since 2021’s ‘Independent’.

Miami singer-songwriter Nia Ray has developed a thoughtful brand of smooth R&B over the last few years that sees her often exploring her thoughts and feelings over immersive soundscapes and laid-back beats.

The latest release from the artist is her new single ‘OFF MY MIND’, a gorgeous, slick release that has a really engaging sense of composure and coolness. The track is about the darker and more sad side of being in the club, people running away from their problems and trying to find a distraction from their reality, and the emotion behind the sound and the artist’s vocals does a really authentic job of conveying these kind of feelings. The track manages to feel both gripping and emotional while maintaining that Nia Ray sense of cool, making for a sound that feels both laced in drama and emotion but never sacrificing its poise or slickness.