‘Magical Thinking’ sees Nia Wyn continue to open up and develop her signature sound

The track closes out the artist's new EP of the same name.

The track closes out the artist’s new EP of the same name.

Welsh neo-soul artist Nia Wyn has carved out a real niche for herself thanks to her uniquely candid writing style and her distinctive and unmistakable soulful vocal style, and seems to be growing into a real force to be reckoned with in real time.

The latest release from the artist is ‘Magical Thinking’, a track that features more of the effortlessly smooth instrumentation, cool vibes, and thoughtful, personal lyrics from Nia that we’re quickly growing accustomed to. Despite the slick coolness of the sound, there is a real sense of heart at the core of everything that Nia Wyn does. The artist discusses things like her mental health, her life and her emotions on the track and throughout her upcoming new EP of the same name, her distinctive outlook and soulful, yet unique sound provide her a vibe and a feel that is without parallel, and really sets her apart as an artist with a fresh perspective and sound that is worth keeping a close eye on.

Speaking about the EP and how it relates to her personal experiences with mental health, particularly OCD, from which Nia has suffered since the age of 10, she says

“The title track is a reflection of how obsessive compulsive disorder has affected my life perhaps for the bad and the good. It is taken from the term OCD (and other mental illness) sufferers use to describe the feeling that thoughts cause reality, often paranoia coming into play, and has seen me acting out compulsions most of my life to try and deal with it. For me Magical Thinking could also have a double meaning of having hope (and sometimes obsessing) about the future particularly with respect to achieving dreams and wanting to make that a reality.”