NIIVA is sick of playing along with ‘Love Games’ on her thoughtful latest single

The track is the singer-songwriter's second release, following the equally compelling 'Sweeter'

The track is the singer-songwriter’s second release, following the equally compelling ‘Sweeter’

Bulgarian born, England raised, and now Canadian based, NIIVA¬†is an artist that has a truly unique cultural perspective when it comes to crafting her sound. Her latest single ‘Love Games’ is a wonderful example of the colourful and memorable style that she possesses.

The track feels both defiant and strong yet gently reassuring and alluring. NIIVA’s wonderfully tranquil production and soft voice provide a serene backdrop for a track packed full of forceful emotion and introspection. ‘Love Games’ is an enjoyably breezy alternative pop bop, but the deeper you go beneath the surface, the more that a much more nuanced and thoughtful track emerges. A stellar effort for an artist still so early into her career.