Nirob Islam addresses a crisis of confidence in ‘Westside’

Formerly known as SHY Nodi, the track marks a new direction...

Formerly known as SHY Nodi, the track marks a new direction…

Gaining attention under the previous moniker of SHY Nodi, Nirob Islam reinforces his new direction with the catchy ‘Westside’. Previously writing for the likes of The Chainsmokers, the eyes will no doubt be on Islam as he continues to craft tunes as great as this.

Incorporating lush synths and production, subtly pulsing rhythm and skittish beats, ‘Westside’ evokes a soft sentimentality amidst its pop and R&B tones. Growing up as a Bengali Muslim in Sweden and pushing against the academic expectations of his culture, Islam’s latest single refers to his ongoing journey as an emerging musician.

‘”​Westside’ was inspired by the struggles, success and the overall journey that I’ve had with my best friend and writing partner over the past few years,” shares Islam of his new single. “I found it funny how self-doubt, disbelief and an overall lack of confidence are always present, no matter what level of success you can have creatively.

“Working with music is a double-edged sword where self expression and your emotions can be valued simply by what other people think,” he continues. “With those things in mind, I just wanted to make a song where I show appreciation to what I have and the people around me, and also to remind people not to overthink things too much’.

“Westside’ is available now via BLNK Music.