‘Living In-Between’ is an anthemic and liberating new single from Northern Captives

The track is the fourth single from the exciting alternative rock outfit's upcoming debut album DIZZY

The track is the fourth single from the exciting alternative rock outfit’s upcoming debut album DIZZY

Their expansive and dynamic alternative rock sound has seen Northern Captives grow into an exciting presence in the UK alternative rock scene over the last few years, boasting a nuanced and thoughtful appeal that sees them shifting through genres and styles as they look to make a lasting mark with their sound.

The latest single from the Lincoln outfit is ‘Living In-Between’, the fourth single from their upcoming new album DIZZY and one that continues to demonstrate their adventurous and anthemic tendencies with rousing success. The track delves into styles like indie rock, pop and emo as it twists and turns towards a climatic and soaring apex that feels as liberating as it does infectious. The track’s thumping nature ensures that it’s melodic nature is matched by a driving heaviness as it grows in intensity, As expected with Northern Captives by now, the track also has a powerful and important message to go with its blockbuster sound.

“Living In-Between is a song about neurodiversity and how our societal structures don’t work for a lot of people.” Sam Cook of Northern Captives says. “It’s about the overwhelming feeling of not fitting in and the struggle of building an existence and forging a space that allows you to be comfortable. It can feel like communities are set up serve certain types of people, allowing them to thrive and ‘succeed’. Though, if you aren’t one of those people it can be miserable to navigate. You’re likely fighting against it or at peace but broke… ‘Living In-Between’ is a reference to bouncing between these two places.”