‘confess’ is the latest release from emerging UK indie-pop duo nudista

The duo continue to establish their excellent and unique style on their laid-back fourth release. 

The duo continue to establish their excellent and unique style on their laid-back fourth release.

‘confess’ is the kind of track that has the ability to stop you in your tracks with its candid and often rousing artistry. The delicate nature of its recording and the vocals of Spanish-born singer Pilar Matji Cabello, provide the track with an innocence and a stark honesty that feels both personal and moving.

There is an almost a hypnotic dreaminess on display as you find yourself getting lost in the swirling, easygoing nature of the track. A wonderful piece of art that really highlights the unique flavour and personality that nudista bring to their laid-back brand of indie pop.

Lead singer Pilar wrote ‘confess’ right before the pandemic escalated, and was feeling overwhelmed with the fast-paced nature of life, feeling creatively disconnected and submerged. Pilar notes “I was coming to terms with life in all its mundanity: working, paying rent, surviving the city, etc and the slow acknowledgement that predictions for life in mid-20s were inaccurate. ‘confess’ is about coming to terms with that process and, eventually, being okay with it – sitting in that feeling, it’s sad but it’s all good.”

Pilar elaborates on how one has to come to accept the rhythm of life in order to keep their head above water. “It’s kind of about me acknowledging that I don’t know how to ‘play’ the game of life and not knowing all of it’s intrinsicate rules that you need to learn, and finding these a bit overwhelming.” 

“No one really knows what they are doing. We are all kind of improvising and accepting all of these strange rules that we all need to follow just because we are alive. And that’s it’s okay to feel lost and confused, eventually you start taking things less seriously and it’s been proven if we stop a bit things can become less overwhelming.”