‘Eclectic’ is an expansive and thoughtfully produced new single from Odelet

The track is from the unique US artist's upcoming new album Pisces Pie

The track is from the unique US artist’s upcoming new album Pisces Pie

With the highly-awaited release of her upcoming new album Pisces Pie set for release next month, singer, songwriter, producer, and visual artist Odelet¬†has provided a stunning glimpse into the new project with the release of ‘Eclectic’, an aptly named new single that does a great job of highlighting her unique artistic flair and the nuanced and expansive nature of her sound.

The artist writes and performs all of her own material, and this is evidently apparent on a searching and instantly captivating track that is packed full of unique sonic quirks and the artist’s distinctive sense of personality and charm that saturates it. The album as a whole is inspired by old-school hip top instrumentals, and this does a great job of adding a nostalgic appeal to her soulful sound, melding this aesthetic with her R&B and pop-influenced vocals to create a sound that feels familiar yet entirely unique. There is a hint of avant garde and jazz in the artist’s sound on the track, but the sound feels all-together more far reaching and expansive than that, taking the artist’s love for a range of genres and creating something captivating and new with them.