Peyton Stilling continues to carve out a reputation as a must-hear artist on ‘Healing’

The track is the latest in a stream of rousing and affecting singles. 

The track is the latest in a stream of rousing and affecting singles.

‘Healing’ is the latest single from rapidly emerging singer-songwriter Peyton Stilling. In no time at all the artist has begun to carve out a name for herself as a unique and memorable artist that has crafted a sound that resonates with listeners in a poignant and affecting way.

The track is no different, melding soulful vocals, emotional lyrics and polished pop production to craft something that feels infectious and captivating while also having a real pronounced sense of gravity and meaning to it. The track is a heartfelt and often moving journey that sees the artist working through some personal things. The best artists seem to find a way to create these deeply personal pieces of work in a way that makes them feel relatable and suck you in to its narrative and make you almost a part of the track yourself, and this is something that Peyton seems to do with ease through her evocative storytelling and candid honesty.

“Healing was written during quarantine. I’d just broken up with my boyfriend and had to move back in with my parents, and I had no money or job. I had all of this time on my hands, but felt no motivation to write anything.” The artist has said of the track.

“If there is anything I learned in 2020, it is that healing takes a long time. I wanted to write a song that made other people going through what I went through not feel as alone.”