‘of course i remember’ is a melancholy and stirring sophomore release from Pichya

The track follows the release of the artist's stunning debut single 'magnolia tree'

The track follows the release of the artist’s stunning debut single ‘magnolia tree’

Homesickness is a feeling that can grip anybody at the most inopportune and difficult times, wrapping around you and filling you with a lingering sense of longing and sadness that you just can’t see to shake or cleanse without being back on more familiar ground.

This is a feeling that Pichya explores on her gorgeous second single ‘of course i remember’, a track that tackles the artist’s move to a major metropolitan city and the feelings of guilt and isolation that she felt being away from her family. The artist’s alluring sound does a great job of capturing such a melancholy atmosphere while still feeling melodic and engrossing, showcasing the warmth and relatable nous of the artist and her sound while very much fitting the occasion.