‘Something Better’ continues the colossal run of form that Plastic Mermaids are on

The track is the latest release from their forthcoming second album It's Not Comfortable To Grow.

The track is the latest release from their forthcoming second album It’s Not Comfortable To Grow.

Establishing time and time again that they are one of the standout acts of modern times, Plastic Mermaids have showcased a proficiency for conveying a wide range of textures and emotions within their sound, possessing an abundance of versatility and guile while never losing that intrinsic sense of Plastic Mermaids DNA that makes them feel so exciting and dynamic.

The latest single from the outfit is ‘Something Better’, a track that sees them slow things down and amp up the passion and intensity. Whereas tracks like ‘Disco Wings’ are heavily reliant on soaring vibes and a feelgood sense of fun and adventure, ‘Something Better’ feels all the more stark and melancholy, utilising sheer emotion, and a cathartic, climatic ending section to tear down the house in a completely different way. As ever, Plastic Mermaids continue to beguile and surprise us, able to shapeshift and do the unexpected, but never feeling anything less than exhilarating and vital.

Something Better’ is a gut-punch of tender sentiment, passionately delivered by the band’s frontman Doug Richards as he reminisces about past-love;

“The album’s songs kinda undulate though different phases and emotions of a break up, and Something Better came out of probably the lowest, most pathetic point of complete self-valueless-ness.”

“When you’re so lost in a situation and want it back so bad, there’s no self-respect, no holding yourself up, like a crying child that wants its toy back… The spoken build up at the end I wrote from notes in my phone during that time, always write little thoughts, observations and ideas down here so handwrote them all out and stuck them on the kitchen table, then turned my phone off for the day and didn’t let myself turn it back on until it was finished.”