‘Meteorite’ is a catchy new electro-pop single from Plastic Punk

The immersive new track features vocals from lauded vocalist Scarlett. 

The immersive new track features vocals from lauded vocalist Scarlett.

Plastic Punk is an artist that seems to have this incredible knack for crafting impossibly catchy electro-pop bangers and finding the perfect singers to accompany him on them. The artist’s back catalogue is full of tracks that possess an abundance of charm and memorability, demonstrating his unerring consistency and creative approach to writing.

The latest of these releases is his new single ‘Meteorite’, featuring vocals from renowned singer Scarlett, the two minute sprint of a track is packed full of immersive moments and the artist’s signature, captivating electronic soundscapes. If you’re a fan of pop or electronic music of any kind then there is sure to be a lot to love from you here, from the powerful vocals, to the creative instrumental, to the all around sense of energy and fun that is on display, ‘Meteorite’ is the latest success from an artist that is making a habit of them.