Alto Key – sink

London based artist Alto Key is back with lo-fi infused ballad 'sink'

London based artist Alto Key is back with lo-fi infused ballad ‘sink’

London based singer-songwriter¬†Alto Key returns with introspective lo-fi anthem ‘sink‘. Building up quite the reputation online, Alto Key has over 300,000 followers across his sites, making him an artist that’s certainly grabbing hold onto people’s attention.

“sink” is Alto Key’s first release of the year, and it’s a gorgeous, emotive offering with a soulful structure. Somewhere between lo-fi and alternative pop, the track is intimate and calls out to people who may be struggling with insecurities.

On the release, Alto Key quotes, “I wrote this song to essentially capture aspects around my lack of confidence and anxiety. I want to experiment a little with the musical style in 2021 and that’s a scary feeling – what if people don’t resonate with it or I let people down?

Maybe it’s just been the last couple of years that have been tough and really got me thinking, but I’m really committed to letting go of my insecurities. It’s hard to let go and there will always be an inner voice begging me to not change.”

A raw offering that’s entirely stripped back and human. Coated with a soothing vocal that provides reassurance and care during these uncertain times, ‘sink’ is an ambient piece of music sent straight from paradise.

Out worldwide tomorrow, “sink” is armed with a variety of moods and feelings, and caters for everyone. A bittersweet anthem that comes across as passionate and empowering, “sink” is easily Alto Key’s best release to date.