Baby Bulldog – Lonely

Baby Bulldog unleashes comforting new single ‘Lonely’ to the globe

Baby Bulldog unleashes comforting new single ‘Lonely’ to the globe

Steph Barker aka one-woman project known as Baby Bulldog returns with stunning new track ‘Lonely’. With all songs being performed by Baby Bulldog from behind her drum kit, her songwriting details queer love stories while holding inspiration from other avenues.

Described as somewhere in between Courtney Barnett and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, ‘Lonely’ is the first single leading up to Baby Bulldog’s upcoming EP.

Baby Bulldog stated, “Lonely” was written in the aftermath of the collapse of a long distance relationship, when Baby was rueing the hours spent on Amtrak trains and dissecting the many reasons that things fell apart.

Driven by a quicktime drumbeat and a relentless riff, you can almost feel the wasted hours slipping away before the track breaks into a resurgent chorus directed at her fickle ex and gives way to a drum solo where Baby demos her unmatched musicality. Somehow you get the feeling she’s gonna be just fine…” 

Detailing the feeling of being left out but also on the other side, being the one head over heels, ‘Lonely’ has something in it for everyone. Distinctive and featuring a whole lot of relatability, Baby Bulldog’s Lonely is fused with lo-fi pop and indie sensibilities.

A sensational new single that feels empowering yet riled with attitude. ‘Lonely’ is out everywhere NOW… stick it on your playlist and let the music guide you through.