Chain of Islands – Ochre

Chain of Islands unveil sensational 7-track mini-album 'Ochre'

Chain of Islands unveil sensational 7-track mini-album ‘Ochre’

Back with their strongest release to date ‘Ochre‘, Chain of Islands are quickly becoming our favourite go-to duo.

Featuring previous singles ‘Maybe It’s You’, ‘Shelter, ‘Homesick’, ‘Foreign’ and ‘Pink Hotel’, the mini-album also features two never-heard-before singles ‘It’s Obvious’ and ‘Good Love’.

Speaking about the release, Chain of Islands tell us, “From an artistic perspective, we fell in love with ochre.

It just captures so many different aspects of our own creative journey through the years and we feel it is an honest representation of what we would actually listen to.

We all have those artists that we return to by default so it’s pretty cool that we wrote something that we feel fits right in to those artists that effortlessly enter into our day to day.

A good friend of ours came up with the name for the collection of songs and we felt like it fit. Ochre being a somewhat in between shade of the extremes of yellow and our music kind of floating at various ends of the spectrum.”

Travelling between melancholic, ambient R&B and alternative pop, Chain of Islands always refuse to be limited to one musical niche.

‘Ochre” is a transcending release with layers of charisma and vibrance.

Chain of Islands’ new EP states that July 2021 has certainly been one of the strongest release months of the year.