Cheesmore – Suffocating

Emerging Dublin artist Cheesmore reveals vivid new single 'Suffocating'

Emerging Dublin artist Cheesmore reveals vivid new single ‘Suffocating’

Marking his first release of the year, ‘Suffocating‘ is the latest instalment from upcoming Irish artist Cheesmore.

Ironically, best described as a breath of fresh air, there’s no limiting this soundscape to one specific genre.

Pulling from a variety of influences such as hip-hop, electronica, and alternative pop, this rising star is known for his soaring vocals.

On the release, Cheesmore had this to say, “The song was originally written when I was in first year in college at 19 years old, it was about being self-conscious about my propensity for talking too much and how I thought people must view me as a result. 

A lot has happened in the time since the song was written yet I still feel largely the same way about myself and those I interact with.

Musically the song takes a lot of influence from UK garage which is probably my favourite genre of music but also from a lot of pop music, such as the newest Ariana Grande album which uses a lot of orchestral elements.”

Through the ebbs and flows of Cheesmore’s production, ‘Suffocating’ is bathed with an easy-listening production and intimate strings.

Adding to the intimacy, the glistening lyricism discusses feelings of insecurity and how that can threaten the healthy and positive relationships we have with those we love.