Chris Linton – Anyway

Pop up and comer, Chris Linton returns with his infectious single “Anyway

Pop up and comer, Chris Linton returns with his infectious single “Anyway”

With almost two million monthly listeners on Spotify and a growing fanbase, Linton has been building momentum for his honest songwriting, catchy melodies and infectious soundscapes.

The new single is no exception, another fine example of Linton’s talents as both a writer and a performer.

A bouncy, accessible pop track showcasing effortlessly charismatic vocals over a tight, punching musical backdrop, “Anyway” is naturally commercial and impactful but also lyrically truthful, hard hitting and relatable.

All about accepting your own imperfections, “Anyway” lyrically embraces the fact that everyone makes mistakes in a fast paced, success driven world and learning to live with it, as Linton explains:

On social media we come across inspiring success stories, self help tips, and resources on how to better understand and love ourselves in a world that sometimes we feel so lost in. We tell ourselves we have it sorted, that we have it all figured out, that we are living life the best way we can. 

Everyone’s expectations are set so high, we can’t deal with the idea of letting anyone down, not even ourselves. Admittedly, I am my own worst critic. ‘

Anyway’, is my way of embracing my imperfections, by singing out loud that I know I will get lost, I will fall and I will make mistakes but that’s okay. I want to champion the ideology of imperfection because at the end of the day, we are only human after all.” 

An exciting new single from an artist with a lot of great achievements and projects under his belt including collaborations with the likes of Gabrielle Aplin, Tim Laws (Yungblud, Gabrielle), Jamie N Commons (Lewis Capaldi, Eminem), Chris Linton is certainly an artist to start following now before he becomes a world famous artist.