Ciara Vizzard – Price

Ciara Vizzard unleashes ethereal alt-pop soundscape ‘Price’

Ciara Vizzard unleashes ethereal alt-pop soundscape ‘Price’

Diving into 2020 with her first release of the year, singer-songwriter Ciara Vizzard returns with her colourful songwriting in ‘Price’. Weaving through stories of human relationships, and her deep understanding of people, this songstress is honest when it comes to creating music. 

With influences ranging from H.E.R and Steffany Gretzinger, this London based artist is authentic and gives a whole new meaning to the word unique.

“Price is about asking the question if it is worth the cost of choosing not to be your most authentic self, choosing not to show kindness to others, to show love to others. It is choosing to be grateful, to be kind, to embrace who you are because the cost is too high a price to pay to choose otherwise in the long run”, explains Ciarra.

“Price” secures a confident arrangement, but it’s inspiration came at a cost. Two years ago on June 25th 2018, Ciara experienced a traumatic road traffic accident in Ibiza, where she sustained six fractures.

Clearly stating that lives too short and you only have one shot, the incident reminded her to be kind to everyone as you never know what they’re going through. An emotive single that hits close to home during the world’s current trauma, Ciara Vizzard’s ‘Price’ features a fierce alternative pop structure.