Alt-pop artist COOL BOY releases genre-bending EP 'CLASSIC CHARM PT.1'

Alt-pop artist COOL BOY releases genre-bending EP ‘CLASSIC CHARM PT.1’

London based alt-pop artist COOL BOY is a rare finding. A musical icon that could easily take on the world with his addictive music, COOL BOY is set to release brand new EP ‘CLASSIC CHARM PT 1‘ worldwide tomorrow, but you can hear it here first.

A spine-tingling release that’s utterly genre-bending, the 5 track EP weaves through an alternative nature while paying ode to synth-pop legends.

Sounding somewhere between King Krule and Blood Orange, which could never be a bad thing, COOL BOY is creating something innovative within the latest release.

Talking about the release, COOL BOY explains, “I made Classic Charm when I went back home to Cape Town last March just when lockdowns started to happen. Even though it was such a surreal time, leaving London and not really having a plan on when I would be able to go back, I was really grateful to focus all the unexpected time on my music. I split the project because I felt like there were two distinctive experiences for the listeners and I wanted them to be heard individually before they were heard together.

A big part of ‘COOL BOY’ is the visual aesthetic my brother and I try to create for each album. I think Classic Charm is no different and if not my favourite so far of everything we’ve create, it feels most me of all my music so far.”

Making listeners crave more, ‘CLASSIC CHARM PT. 1’ is worthy of sticking on repeat and travelling into a safe, pop realm of hope.

Cementing icon status, if this release doesn’t get COOL BOY as big as Mac DeMarco, we petition.