Cristina Hart – I’m a Mess

Cristina Hart debut’s relatable electro-pop anthem ‘I’m a Mess’

Cristina Hart debut’s relatable electro-pop anthem ‘I’m a Mess’

Gracefully entering the music industry with it’s head held high, “I’m a Mess” is Cristina’s Hart’s debut single and it features a light, elegant sound. Relatable with many listeners across the globe, the captivating soundscape oozes with individuality.

Set to release a debut EP this autumn, ‘I’m a Mess’ is a direct statement to others, exclaiming that it’s ok if you’re not feeling fully yourself.

On the story behind ‘I’m a Mess’, Cristina told us, “I was visiting my family in Madrid when I had the idea for ‘I’m a Mess’. I was super ill, couldn’t speak or sing and was on antibiotics. It’s about not being on your A-game but accepting it.

Thanks to its fun production, we made it into a feel-good song that’s super relatable. I’ve sung it at all my gigs over the last year and crowds love to sing along to it which makes me so happy!”

Set for release worldwide tomorrow via AWAL, ‘I’m a Mess’ was recorded independently between Cristina’s bedroom and her boyfriend’s studio. With these skills in mind, Cristina’s songwriting shimmers in confidence and looks like it’ll continue to climb as the months go by.

A songwriter creating a safe haven where imperfections are highlighted with somewhat praise, ‘I’m a Mess’ is irresistible and the ultimate, empowering anthem.

Cristina Hart performs ‘I’m a Mess’ and chats about the release on Instagram for ‘Livestreams w/CLOUT’ tonight at 7pm.