Danny Mellin – I Can’t Be

Emerging indie artist Danny Mellin is back with free-spirited new single 'I Can't Be'

Emerging indie artist Danny Mellin is back with free-spirited new single ‘I Can’t Be’

Preparing to return to a live stage near you, Danny Mellin should be at the top of your list to listen to, and his latest single ‘I Can’t Be’ confirms this statement.

Highly spirited and describing a failing relationship, the track details to always stay true to yourself, even if the truth hurts.

Bound to be another crowd favourite, this youthful songwriter is accompanied by a tight backing band behind him.

Starting with Danny’s signature infectious guitar riffs, the track is filled with ear-worm melodies and comes across as another sensational return.

Telling us about the release, Danny shares, The song itself is all about accepting yourself and realizing that you’re in an unhealthy relationship. I actually wrote it very quickly in one evening and chose to have the lyrics be almost conversational in their writing style to ground the song’s message more clearly.

It’s by far one of my favourite tunes I’ve written and I can’t wait to play it live at my upcoming shows”

Having only just turned 18, this young artist is about to take the indie scene by storm, and you heard it here first.

Recording the release from different sessions at different locations, Danny adds, “It was really frustrating to have recorded the drums and the bass but having to wait months to finish off the song, but I’m really happy with the result. It’s just how I wanted it to sound.”

Danny Mellin is definitely one to watch.