Danny Ray – Strawberry Kisses

London based artist Danny Ray unveils brand new single 'Strawberry Kisses'

London based artist Danny Ray unveils brand new single ‘Strawberry Kisses’

Armed with elements of pure funk charisma, Danny Ray’s new pop anthem sounds somewhere between The 1975, Prince and Black Francis’ solo work or even The Pixies. “Strawberry Kisses” will find a way to not only your heart but you’re feet too.

Destined to make each listener move and interpret the meaning however they want, it’s addictive aura is bathed in vibrancy. If this is the first track of Danny Ray’s attire that you’ve heard, it certainly will not be the last.

Danny told us that, “I wrote this song about a specific time in life, I was around 17, when love started to turn more into frustration… and I couldn’t quite seem to re-kindle what I once felt for her as time passed. I started to notice at that age I was quite fickle.

I was able to feel really deeply for someone for ages, but then something would happen and it would instantly take me out of love with them. Either by their fault or my own I would experience a sudden mental shift and not feel attached to them anymore and I noticed how good that felt.

But it’s all cool, we’re best friends now and she’s probably gonna read this!'”

Coated with infectious guitar rhythms and an unforgettable chorus, ‘Strawberry Kisses’ is alluring and easy to listen to.

A lively number that the world needs to help pause the toxicity of the world’s current state, Danny Ray’s new single is soulful and has something for everyone.