Five.others – V.O

Five.others continues his climb with transcendent indie-soul EP ‘V.O’

Five.others continues his climb with transcendent indie-soul EP ‘V.O’

The multifaceted and mysterious alternative artist from Toronto, Five.others, shares his brand new EP ‘V.O’.

Drifting between different genres, blending psychedelic euphoria with indie-soul, Five.others has already created his own lane where he operates entirely with his own rule set.

Lead single ‘Don’t Say’ is a spacey and spiralling delivery full of surprises and creativity at every twist and turn. His haunting vocals then bring a whole new dynamic to proceedings, making for a potency that is more than evident.

Having full creative control also gives him that cutting edge to do things just that little bit differently, which is showcased throughout the EP.

Speaking on the EP as a whole, Five.others says that “I like my songs to be riddles that one can get trapped in from multiple points. To me it’s about being at odds with one’s circumstance, reality, or nature.

It is equal parts introspection on the past, a call to action in the present, as well as the dread of the inevitable future.”

And he’s not wrong. Check out this brilliant and exciting new 5-track EP from Five.others.