Heavyman – Baby Jean

Heavyman unveil debut single 'Baby Jean' to the world

Heavyman unveil debut single ‘Baby Jean’ to the world

Explosive quartet Heavyman are based in London, and draw multiple influences to the table. Armed with heavy riffs, killer grooves and soaring vocal melodies, their harmony as a group details a new flavour for modernised rock music.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Queen, Led Zeppelin and Jeff Buckley to name a few, they are cementing that ‘Baby Jean’ is an astonishing debut.

We chatted with Heavyman on the release, and they mentioned, “With ‘Baby Jean’, we wanted to tell a story- in this case, the story of a person tortured by the advances of a much younger love interest, the forbidden fruit you can’t escape. With the music, we wanted to explore that line between lust and despair. 

It was one of those songs that came together very easily. Like a lot of the music we love and like to write, it started in the rehearsal room, with a guitar line. Once that riff was down, the rest fell into place.”

‘Baby Jean’ has fragrances of the 70s, 80s, 90s and the present day all mixed into one. Grit-filled with attitude, the exhilarating debut is a refreshing awakening that rock and roll is far from over.

An iconic anthem that will go down in the band’s history, Heavyman are stating they’re going to be the next face of alternative rock.