Jared Alto – Stranger

LGBTQ+ artist Jared Alto unleashes emotive new single 'Stranger'

LGBTQ+ artist Jared Alto unleashes emotive new single ‘Stranger’

London based artist Jared Alto is back with his latest emotive anthem ‘Stranger‘. Having received previous praise from the likes of EARMILK, When The Horn Blows, Fame Magazine and Amazing Radio, this songwriter is not to be pushed aside.

‘Stranger’ may be Jared’s most vulnerable single to date yet encourages listeners to always be honest with their thoughts and speak up.

Bathed in a minimalistic pop attire, this intimate number is heartfelt and personal.

Sharing his thoughts on the single, Jared explains, “I wrote most of Stranger back in May 2020. At the time I was really wrestling with the thought of releasing music and putting myself out there for everyone to hear.

Singing and songwriting isn’t something I spoke about with anybody until a couple of years ago. So I found myself caught between the idea of opening up to people or shutting everything down before it even began. 

At its core, Stranger is a song to myself. I’m a real overthinker and I’ve never noticed how much that can get in the way of life until the last few years. I was sitting at a little Yamaha NP-12 wondering what it would be like to just live life instead of worrying about it all the time.

As I started putting the verses together, I realised I was trying to describe how it feels when you’re stuck in a rut in your mind to somebody who doesn’t overthink everything. 

Lyrically, plenty of the song is as literal as it sounds. I have recurring dreams about driving a car I can’t control and I run and rerun conversations or interactions over and over in my head constantly worrying that I should have done or said something differently.

I didn’t want to mask the meaning in totally symbolic lyrics. I don’t think the process would have felt as therapeutic for me if I did that either.” 

Produced alongside Olly Shelton, ‘Stranger’ will take you in its arms and tell you that it’s ok to not be ok.

A ballad sent straight from the heavens, ‘Stranger’ is a soft introduction into the mind of Jared.