Kasia Konstance – Don’t Wanna Know

Kasia Konstance shares her debut EP 'Cosmic Dust'

Kasia Konstance shares her debut EP ‘Cosmic Dust’

Emerging singer-songwriter Kasia Konstance is about to release her debut EP ‘Cosmic Dust’ tomorrow.

We’re diving straight into the leading single ‘Don’t Wanna Know’ featuring Lorenz Okello, the neo-soul infused contender is best described as effortless soul.

Armed with nostalgic elements and a journey through heartbreak, healing and relatable personal stories, Kasia’s new EP was produced by British guitarist and producer Beau Diako and Germany producer Thelonious Coltrane (Rainy Days).

Sharing her thoughts on the release, Kasie explains, “Don’t Wanna Know ft.Lorenz Okello” was written about disappointments and lack of understanding between two people.

It’s about wanting to leave things in the past and move on in order to avoid suffering and more pain.”

Building with an addictive rhythm that brings lo-fi hip-hop sensibilities to the table, ‘Don’t Wanna Know’ comes across as innovative.