Katy for Kings – Cowboy, Rockstar

Pop artist Katy for Kings reveals spine-tingling new offering 'Cowboy, Rockstar'

Pop artist Katy for Kings reveals spine-tingling new offering ‘Cowboy, Rockstar’

With a comfortable back catalogue and an extensive range of both empathy and overanalysing Katy finds that she’s creating faster than she can release and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Receiving support from CLASH, Unrecorded, Vibe Music and many more outlets across the web, Katy for Kings is certainly turning heads.

The new offering from Katy for Kings is a commercial pop single with layers of indie throughout.

Cowboy, Rockstar” came about by accident as many of Fields and Kings collaborations do. Katy jokes on her social media that it took her ’27 songs to process a 3 month situationship’ and this release is just the beginning.

Speaking about the release, Katy shares, “Cowboy, Rockstar is one of those songs that feels like a frozen moment of time that I can revisit whenever I feel like just by listening to the song.

It’s so specific and so personal yet so broad in a way that I feel like everyone has met a Cowboy, Rockstar at least once in their life.”

Enjoy the track exclusively at the top of this page before its full drop tomorrow.