Kelly Koka – Stay Down

Kelly Koka reveals enticing new single 'Stay Down'

Kelly Koka reveals enticing new single ‘Stay Down’

Kelly Koka teams up with Nickey.T for elevating new summer anthem ‘Stay Down‘.

The lead singer of Indea, Kelly Koka is certainly no stranger to the music industry.

Built upon a melodic beat that will jive its way into your head, there’s no leaving this new single on the back burner.

Somewhere between alternative hip-hop, R&B and pop, the over three-minute single comes across as fearless and at times, unapologetic.

Kelly Koka is currently working on emo trap & b music with his collective (5144) and has had features with OG Maco, Raheem Bakare, NickyT and Knwgd.

Describing Stay Down as “a song I freestyled from the heart, I just closed my eyes and visualised my love” – this track will certainly find a place in your heart too.

“You are the truth. I trust truths. I trust you, ‘STAY DOWN'” details how vital it is to be honest at all times and knowing your self-worth.

Loyal and vividly unforgettable, ‘Stay Down’ features a raw performance with layers of charisma.

“Stay Down” is out worldwide tomorrow and we’re sure it’ll sit at the top of your repeated playlist.