Lowrie – You Bring Chaos

Alt-pop songwriter Lowrie releases heartfelt new single ‘You Bring Chaos’

Alt-pop songwriter Lowrie releases heartfelt new single ‘You Bring Chaos’

Released worldwide today, ‘You Bring Chaos’ is Lowrie’s latest offering, and it’s a genuine pop wonder that will make you feel. Pulling firmly at the heart-strings with it’s pure lyricism, the COVID-19 outbreak has given the song a whole different meaning.

About distress, confusion, self doubt and becoming an adult, the growth within the track still sticks to it’s roots, and distinguishes itself as one of Lowrie’s strongest tracks to date.

Lowrie told us that, “I wrote ‘You Bring Chaos’ about 5 years ago, during a very tough time in my life. It sat, locked away in my busy brain whilst I got on with things; too afraid to venture back to it. But when lockdown hit in the UK, I decided to listen to a load of old demos – that’s where I rediscovered this song and quickly realised that in order to get closure on the associated pain I would need to put it out into the world for others to hear.

“Being able to release this song has meant that the hurt I’ve held onto for half a decade is gone.It may not be an incredibly complex piece of music, however, the amount of my soul that is woven into it should make it something quite special for listeners to share.”

‘You Bring Chaos’ is far from hectic, and comes across as mature. Soaring through an electronic-pop glow, the soundscape is an insight to what future releases may sound like for Lowrie.

Join Lowrie performing You Bring Chaos live for Livestreams w/CLOUT over on Instagram at 4pm (BST).