Lucky Rose – I Don’t Think About You

Exceptional duo Lucky Rose are back with their latest single "I Don't Think About You"

Exceptional duo Lucky Rose are back with their latest single “I Don’t Think About You”

Out now on all major platforms, “I Don’t Think About You” is the latest release from alt-pop meets EDM duo Lucky Rose. 

A striking performance from the get-go, the prominent dance single deserves a place in the charts.

Summer has come early in this breathtaking, vibrant single, and you can tell this from the lively energy.

Coated with an addictive nature from the track’s rhythm, the exhilarating release feels like the light at the end of this horrendous tunnel.

Speaking about the release, Lucky Rose state, “We’re so excited to finally release “I Don’t Think About You”! The writing process for this track started about 2 years ago and has undergone so many changes to get to the stage that you’re about to hear.

It’s also our first time working with a female singer/songwriter, and we’re so grateful that it’s with someone as talented as Kayleigh!

We believe that collaborating with her, as well as several other producers was crucial in bringing a new level of depth and power to our sound. Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it!” 

Fuelled with youth and drive, “I Don’t Think About You” is another divine piece of art from this French-Canadian two-piece.