Marco Tamimi – All I Know

Pop prodigy Marco Tamini returns with latest ballad 'All I Know'

Pop prodigy Marco Tamimi returns with latest ballad ‘All I Know’

Rising singer-songwriter Marco Tamimi is back with irresistible new track ‘All I Know’ – and it’s a blissful soundscape filled with beauty.

Following extensive press support from EARMILK, Music Crowns and Equate Magazine for his earlier 2021 release ‘Rose’, Marco returns with his sophomore single of the year ‘All I Know’.

Armed with heart on sleeve lyricism that tells the story of trying to support a loved one through their dark times, this relatable offering is sentimental and heartfelt.

Musically filled with enchanting piano chords, delicate harmonies and soaring vocals, the track takes listeners through Marco’s emotional delivery.

Speaking more about the meaning behind his new release, Marco reveals, The song is about wanting to show to someone that you’re there for them, and that no matter what pain or difficulties they’re going through, past or present, you want to be the person to help them get through it.

You want to help carry the burden, and that, ultimately, you care about them. Sometimes it’s hard to let yourself open up to other people, and that’s what ‘All I Know’ is about.”

“Sadly, I think it’s a pretty common thing for people to say they’re fine, when they’re actually not at all. We often don’t know what struggles people are going through, but we can tell from their demeanour that something is wrong. ‘All I Know’ tries to capture that, and I think a lot of people will be able to relate to it”.

This is certainly an artist that’s going to make a huge impact on the industry.