Meredith Louise – Stay Open

The track showcase the evolution of the artist's funk-laden soul sound ahead of the release of her upcoming sophomore EP Move Slow

The track showcase the evolution of the artist’s funk-laden soul sound ahead of the release of her upcoming sophomore EP Move Slow

Armed with a wonderfully soulful and jazzy appeal that feels both like a loveletter to vintage 70s soul while also having an engrossing modern edge, brand new Meredith Louise single ‘Stay Open’ feels like the best of both worlds, both thanks to its gorgeously crafted charm and its authentic live recording.

As the artist looks to build up anticipation for her upcoming new EP Move Slow, this track provides the perfect taster of what is yet to come. Everything here from the laid-back groove of the R&B guitars to the character added from the horns makes for a funk-laden and groovy sound that is hell-bent on getting you moving no matter how sceptical or downbeat you may be feeling. The track is an absolute riot of a time, and one that showcases a swaggering and engrossing Meredith with an evolved, further developed sound that is absolutely stacked with fun moments and immersive, effortlessly engaging appeal.

Meredith Louise describes this new work as a shift from her first release and explains: “I’ve been levelling up as a musician and writer, and really starting to find my sound. Stay Open was the first song I wrote when I moved to Vancouver. The only instrument I had here was my acoustic guitar. My partner and I were renting a sublet downtown, our few possessions scattered around the studio apartment. It was an exciting, yet daunting and challenging experience. Having packed up our lives and relocated from Australia, we had no idea what we were in for. When life gets challenging and confronting and REAL, it’s very easy to remain closed and shut ourselves off to all the hard and sticky parts. I wrote Stay Open as a reminder of the importance of remaining open to new experiences that life brings, despite the hardships that we go through.”