Natalie 2V – Tattoo

Leaving a mark on your heart, Natalie 2V’s new single ‘Tattoo’ is captivating

Leaving a mark on your heart, Natalie 2V’s new single ‘Tattoo’ is captivating

Making this her third release to date, Natalie 2V’sTattoo’ explores an acoustic arrangement mixed with rose tinted glasses. Exploring the concept of having been so in love with somebody that even when it falls apart they become a tattoo on your heart, this track feels relatable for fans across the world.

Written with Sam Gray, who has worked with The Chainsmokers & Nile Rogers, the intimate number is a mesmerising take on pop meet soul.

On the single, Natalie says, “I’m so excited to finally release this. It’s one of my rawest songs, and I hope the simplicity of it allows listeners to interpret it however they want to! It’s one of my most stripped back songs and I hope you love it as much as I do!”

Combining harmonies with the stripped back approach, “Tattoo” will make you feel like you’re part of a special, inner circle of Natalie’s discography. A perfect track that would mesmerise a whole stadium to be silent, ‘Tattoo’ is an appeal of, what feels like, everlasting love.

Detailing the fragrances of a relationship gone sour, the close number is reassuring and exclaims that one day, the scars from love will heal. Permanently stained on your heart, the track’s acoustic nature matches the concept beautifully.

Tattoo is out now worldwide, and without question needs to be on your playlist.