OSKA – Hallucinating (It’s Normal To Shiver Version)

The track from her stand out LP My world, My love Paris, gets a beautiful live reworking.

The track from her stand out LP My world, My love, Paris gets a beautiful live reworking.

OSKA’s latest album My world, My love, Paris was a rousing success for the artist, earning the Austria native critical and commercial success for her thoughtful and emotionally rousing brand of mesmerising indie pop.

The track that closed out this release was the otherworldly and moving ‘Hallucinating’, a track about an unfortunate real life incident that happened to the artist and left a lasting impression on her. Something else that left an impression on the artist was the experience that she had recording the track with a string section for the album, something that has led her to recreate this experience in a live setting to provide special new version of the track.

The moving nature of the track and its emotional resonance feel only heightened in this setting, with the more natural atmosphere complimenting her powerful and emotive vocals seamlessly. This is an exciting new version of one of the most personal and affecting tracks by an artist who specialises in them.

‘Hallucinating’ is a very personal song to OSKA, who says, “Ten years ago I had an accident. A surfboard ‘surfed’ into my face, and I hallucinated, which was a cool experience I have to say, but it has also kind of haunted me for years and left me with a scar on my cheek. This song is about that experience, and about the fear of, at some point, becoming paranoid because of it.”