Plaid Brixx – Addicted

We're 'Addicted' to Plaid Brixx's latest single

We’re ‘Addicted’ to Plaid Brixx’s latest single

Multifaceted talent Plaid Brixx releases hypnotic new single ‘Addicted‘.

Chris Duggan aka the mind behind Plaid Brixx hails from Columbus, OH and draws influence from the world of indie-pop. ‘Addicted’, being another sensational release in his discography, is out worldwide tomorrow.

A lively number that’s destined to have you dancing around your house in lockdown, “Addicted” instantly grips you with it’s memorable nature.

Like something you’d hear at the top of the mainstream charts, ‘Addicted’ is playful and something to stick on repeat.

Talking about the release, Plaid Brixx stated, “I wrote this song about searching for the right relationship and thinking about how love is supposed to feel when you meet your soulmate.”

Somewhere between Charlie Puth and Shawn Mendes, the prominent vocal from Chris soars with guidance throughout.

A helping hand within the world’s toxicity, it’s the type of track to stick on when you’re needing to pause the world.

“Addicted” is out everywhere tomorrow, and is destined to be the most played track on your playlist.