Robbi Niles – Melody

Barbados R&B artist Robbi Niles returns with his new single ‘Melody’

Barbados R&B artist Robbi Niles returns with his new single ‘Melody’

R&B artist Robbi Niles is back with the vivid new release, ‘Melody‘.

Packed with emotion and dreaming instrumentation, ‘Melody’ demonstrates some of Robbi’s finest work.

Bringing together layers of airy synth, deep bass and a swaying, punching beat, Robbi creates an atmospheric Soul infused R&B sultry soundscape comparable to the likes of The Weeknd.

Robbi’s stylistic, chilled, melancholic vocal delivery shines through emphasizing the depth of emotion that the track possesses. 

Speaking on the single, Robbi Niles said, “Melody is a reflective piece. It encapsulates my emotional state of mind as I was trying to cope with grief.

After the tragic loss of my dear friend to cancer, I put pen to paper with the aid of veteran songwriter Sonia Leigh and producer/songwriter Terrance Lam (POLUN). 

I hope that the song would be a sign of hope and comfort for anyone and everyone who is going through similar circumstances. You are not alone.”

Having made a name for himself with his ability to captivate audiences with his unique, atmospheric R&B soundscapes and silky smooth vocals, the multi instrumentalist and songwriter once again demonstrates his potential as an artist.