Rubber – Reason That You Came Here

The “Reason That You Came Here” today? To hear the fantastic new single from Rubber!

The “Reason That You Came Here” today? To hear the fantastic new single from Rubber!

A psychedelic offering straight from the heavens, Philadelphia based band Rubber return with addictive new track, “Reason That You Came Here”.

Rubber are an outfit that refuse to be left on any back burner, and their latest single completely confirms this.

Driven by psychedelic and experimental elements, this glistening number is fuelled with warped synths, swirling vocals and an alluring narrative.

Adding to the track’s message, Rubber share, Reason That You Came Here is all about confidence and not giving a flying fuck”.

Rubber explains, “It’s about anticipating that feeling of being in a room and having all the eyes on you, being the center of attention, and owning it. Being cooped up this past year has been an intense and tiring experience. For us and manyother artists, the return of shows has been the one light at the end of this tunnel that we are desperate to catch a glimpse of.

We just booked our first hometown show for June 10th at Sunflower Philly so that light is well within reach now. This song is the perfect capstone to this era of our career, live music is popping up again after this long pandemic winter, and we will once again be the reason that you came here, to the show, for a night of connective, energetic, eclectic music”.

“Reason That You Came Here” is a charming number that uses memorable metaphors and chord sequences to convey its alluring story.

Powerfully executed, this will go down in Rubber’s history as one of their strongest tracks to date.