Sakura – Circles

Sakura returns with indie pop meets shoegaze number ‘Circles’

Sakura returns with indie pop meets shoegaze number ‘Circles’

A track that deserves to be stuck on repeat, ‘Circles’ is the latest release from singer-songwriter Sakura.

Telling the story of how taking breaks is a crucial part of self-growth and development, ‘Circles’ reminisces the 90’s in true indie fashion.

On the release, Sakura stated, “CIRCLES explores the everyday struggle with mental health issues in a super honest, and unfiltered way.

Musically I had a lot of fun combining pop structures and melodies with an experimental soundscape, taking inspiration from shoegaze, emo, and late 90s/ early y2k pop rock.

I wrote Circles as a reminder to myself to take a breather every now and then, and that it’s not only okay, but healthy to live life a little slower.”

‘Circles’ gives an insight to what Sakura’s debut album will sound like next year.

An artist we won’t get tired of hearing, ‘Circles’ illuminates an honest songwriter that oozes with talent.