Salvatore Manalo – Dreaming

Salvatore Manalo showcases soulful sound in new release 'Dreaming'

Salvatore Manalo showcases soulful sound in new release ‘Dreaming’

Blending elements of jazz, R&B and soul to create his innovative sound, Salvatore Manalo reveals a new single ‘Dreaming‘.

His songwriter fuses honest storytelling with musical complexity to create an amalgamation of pop, soul and R&B that is refreshing yet familiar.

Ethereal harmonies and reverberated piano create an elegant soundscape, building up to an infectious chorus with uplifting rhythms that are sure to get your feet moving.

Speaking about the new release, Salvatore shares, “Life can be hard. There aren’t a lot of moments in this life that can transcend that so I wanted to remind myself to appreciate the things that do.”

I wanted to write something larger than life and ended up producing a large portion of this track in one day.

I sent over the track to my friend Matt Brewster to lay a proper bass track here in Portland, my buddy Trevor Lund who was on a cruise ship to put some brass on, and the talented Jenni Rudoph to do harmonies down in LA.”